Connecting Customers to Service Providers DOWNLOAD APP

Customers can now locate Service providers near them based on a category of choice. Customers can also submit bids and service providers will respond to them with offers.



Create an Account as a Customer, complete your profile, access your dashboard and locate service providers.



Service Providers

Create an account as a Service Provider, Select Category, Complete your profile details, Set your Status to Visible and start receiving work




We have accumulated categories: plumbers, electricians, pharmacies, salons, gas, food, web designers, lawyers, doctors, places and many more.

  • Save Time - ODS Chap Chap

    Save your time looking for different services providers from as many categories. Service providers will also save time receiving work when their status is available

  • Convenient - ODS Chap Chap

    The App gives service providers and customers a lot of convenience in marketing and accessing the right people to handle their work. You can always review.

  • Locate Real Time or Bid

    Customers can now locate service providers based on categories and subcategories of interest in real time. Customers can also place bids and receive offers.

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